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St. Jude Walk and Wellness Fair

The St. Jude Walk and Wellness Fair is the primary fundraising event for the PTO.  Each year the planning committee reaches out to our business community to support our school and the response has been amazing. The day is a great blend of activities, raffles, learning stations and a delicious lunch. Families are asked to sell raffle tickets, sign sponsors and/or volunteer their time and talent to make this day a success for our school and our students. For more information contact stjudewalk2015@gmail.com
To donate go to 
You can also write a check to St. Jude PTO for the amount that your family raised or you can go to goo.gl/9bXL6p and post your amount by check or credit card. 

Box Tops

The Box Tops fundraiser consists of clipping the Box Tops from hundreds of General Mills products. There are boxes located at the entrances of Church, at school, and in each homeroom for you to drop off labels. They can also be turned in through the school’s Wednesday envelope. For each Box Top turned in, the PTO receives 10 cents. There also is a monthly Box Tops and Tyson contest between homerooms. Each month the winning homeroom receives a reward, with an overall winner at the end of the school year.

This is a year-round fundraiser.



This fundraiser was started to raise money to help offset the rise in tuition costs. 365 raffle cards are sold in November and December for the following calendar year. Every Sunday a winner is drawn with cash prizes of between $40 and $500. Winner’s names are re-entered in the drawing each week. Drawings for the entire month take place after 11:00 a.m. mass on the first Sunday of the month.


Kroger Commmunity Rewards Program - Kroger Plus Card Registration Form

The Kroger Community Rewards Program helps fund various PTO programs.  In order for St. Jude to receive benefits from the program each Kroger Plus Card will need to be registered with St. Jude as the recipient.  Please click here for instructions on how to register your card. 

Kohl's Cares Fundraising Program

If you have a Kohl’s credit card, you can easily help out St. Jude PTO and still enjoy all the great rewards by using your Kohl’s charge account. Simply purchase Kohl’s Cares Fundraising Program cards sold by the PTO Scrips Program to pay off your account each month and the PTO will receive a profit from the cards sold. The Scrips Program carries Kohl’s cards in different denominations to make it easy to pay your bill. You can use the Kohl’s Cares Cards for gifts as well. No registration is necessary.  To order or purchase your Kohl's Cares Cards click here for the Scrips Program Order Form or stop by the Scrips Card table in the vestibule after weekend masses.

SHOPAROO - Free $$ for St. Jude 

If you have a smart phone or even reasonably intelligent one and you buy groceries you can help St. Jude earn cash and have a little fun too! Please consider joining Shoparoo and turn your receipts into free cash for St. Jude!!

To get started download the Shoparoo app to your iPhone or Android based smart phone.  It’s FREE.  
Register with your eMail address and select St. Jude Cincinnati as your charity.  Be careful, there are many St. Jude schools in the list!  Once you are set-up, choose a grade level to support. That’s it, you are ready to start earning. 

Now every time you buy anything at a store that sells groceries even if you didn’t purchase groceries, you can earn money for St. Jude.  Simply snap a picture of your receipt with the Shoparoo app and we earn points. Stores include all typcial grocery stores as well as Costco, Sam’s, Walgreens, CVS, Target, GFS and anywhere else that sells grocery items.  Gas purchases do not count. 

Send the info. to out of town friends and relatives too!

You can also earn points by taking really quick surveys or buying brands that have partnered with Shoparoo.  These are all listed in the EARN tab of the app.  

Privacy: Shoparoo will not share your eMail or other personally identifiable information with anyone.  They collect and tally all the receipts and/or survey data you and everyone else provide and sell it to companies that are interested in gathering data about how and where people shop and what things they are buying.  Your credit card information is already protected on your receipts so there is no worry. 
It’s just that easy!  So start snapping pictures of those big back to school and grocery receipts and let’s see how much we can earn together!


Scrips Program

Gift Cards are not just for gifts anymore—purchase them for your personal shopping needs! The Scrips Program is easy and doesn’t require you to spend any extra money – it just requires a little thinking ahead. When you purchase a gift card(s) St. Jude PTO receives a monetary benefit from the retailer, and these benefits are used to fund various PTO programs. We carry a variety of gift cards in stock and can get special order gift cards within two weeks!
• You can order any day of the week
• Remember BRIDGETOWN FINER MEATS is always...Buy $200 get $10 FREE and now they have a produce store where you can also use your gift cards.
• Shop early for Christmas and get your gift cards now!
• Order and pay for your gift cards with check or cash
The gift cards offered through the Scrips Program can be ordered via email, telephone, through school or bought after mass. Click here for the Scrips Card Order Form

Parents have the option of either having the gift cards sent home with their child or picking them up after Saturday/Sunday Mass.
If the order is sent home with the child—the order will be filled when received and typically sent home with the oldest child the next day.
Pickup after Mass: An envelope with the order will be available for pick up after Mass at the Scrips Program table in the vestibule.

Special Order Gift Cards are available. This list is virtually endless. If you have a retailer in mind, contact Michelle Peters to see if they can be ordered. Depending on the time of the year it may take up to two (2) weeks to get them in. Special orders can be sent through school or picked up after Saturday/Sunday Mass.

Questions or to place an order, please email: stjudegiftcards@gmail.com


Tyson Project A+ Label Collection Program

Labels from Tyson chicken products are collected and submitted for 40 per label. Eligible products have the label “Project A+” printed on them. These labels can be dropped into the Box Top boxes located at the entrances of Church, at school, and in each homeroom. The labels can also be turned in through the school’s Wednesday envelope. This is a year-round fundraiser.