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Kindergarten Facts

St. Jude Kindergarten Information

The kindergarten program at St. Jude began in the fall of 2007.

Class size:
There is a maximum class size of 20 students per class. There is both a morning and an afternoon session. Parents may choose either morning or afternoon for their child. Extended day care is available to morning students.

Kindergarten class times:
Morning: 7:50a.m. - 10:30a.m.
Afternoon: 11:30a.m. - 2:20 p.m.

Extended day care:
Students enrolled in morning kindergarten have the option of remaining at St. Jude for an extended care program until the end of the full school day at 2:20 for an additional fee. The extended care program is housed in a classroom within the school building. Kindergarten students are also eligible for the regular aftercare program that allows students to remain at school in a supervised setting from 2:20 - 6:00.

Kindergarteners may take the morning bus or the afternoon bus if their school district of residence currently provides busing to St. Jude. (i.e. Kindergarteners can ride the morning bus to school or the afternoon bus home from school with older siblings or neighborhood children if the public school district already provides busing to and from St. Jude.). At this time, there is no transportation from either the Oak Hills or Three Rivers School Districts at mid-day.

The kindergarten students follow the same uniform policy as all other students as outlined in the school handbook.

Kindergarten registration will take place along with the all-school registration in mid-February. Information will be available in the church bulletin, web site and at the school open house in January.

Parish Membership:
While priority is given to children of St. Jude Parish families, families of kindergarteners are not required to be members of St. Jude Parish. Families of kindergarteners that are members of a Catholic parish that does not offer a kindergarten program at their school will be eligible for in-parish tuition.