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Parish Center

The parish center completed in the fall of 2006 houses the Art Classroom, a Music Classroom, the gymnasium, Library and a state-of-the-art Computer Lab. All students participate in music, art, computer, and physical education classes with a specialized teacher.

Art Room

The St. Jude art program encourages students to master the elements of art by developing the elements each year using different techniques. Students in grades one through eight are introduced to different artists/masters with short biographies and examples of the artist’s work. Throughout their time at St. Jude, students enjoy using different media including watercolor, tempra, acrylics, chalk and oil pastels, model magic, red clay, polymer clay, crayons, watercolor pencils, watercolor crayons, charcoal pencils, and different kinds of papers. Eighth graders have a chance to explore careers in art through various projects. The Art Room in the Parish Center includes sinks, counter space, storage and display areas, and lots of room for creativity.


Computer Room

Recognizing that technology is a tool for learning, the St. Jude computer lab in the new Parish Center is state-of-the-art. Thirty student computers, one instructor computer, and a projector allow for constant student-teacher interaction and learning. While the focus of the technology program is on mastering the Microsoft Office Suite and safely navigating the internet, classroom teachers collaborate with the technology coordinator to create innovative lessons which enhance the classroom curriculum.


The St. Jude School Library is fully automated and houses over 8,000 books. Six computers are available for students to use to take Accelerated Reader tests or to access the automated card catalog. The Library provides an environment that supports the curriculum and stimulates learning. Our full time librarian hopes to teach students the necessary skills to be efficient and effective information users, while helping them become lifelong readers. Students are excited to visit our new library in the Parish Center which features a wonderful “book nook” and comfortable chairs for reading. Students also enjoy participating in the Birthday Book Club and Accelerated Reader Point Recognition Days.

Music Room

All St. Jude students participate in a structured music program designed to give a wide theoretical and practical understanding of music, covering harmony, history, and cultural diversity. Our large, modern music room in the Parish Center is equipped with many musical instruments, and students learn to play those instruments in class. Specifically, with an emphasis on reading music, each student learns to play the recorder and the guitar and performs on these instruments in an end of the year concert. Over the eight years of study, each student will sing in the Christmas Concert, participate in the Archdiocesan Choral Festival, take part in a drama production, and perform in variety and talent shows.

Physical Education

At St. Jude, Physical Education activities are based around games, team sports, recreational activities, health and nutrition. Throughout their eight years at St. Jude, students participate in many team sports, plus other fun activities like Four Corner Tag, Ultimate Football, Ultimate Frisbee, NASCAR racing (one of many tag games), and Bowling Pin Knockdown. The new gym in the Parish Center triples the size of space we use to have to play games and participate in activities. We have two full courts, which allow us to have two games going at once.